Disclaimer of Liability

The data presented by and available through this web site consists of information from a variety of private, local, state, and federal agencies and non-governmental organizations, which is integrated into a single web location (i.e., portal) for the Klamath Basin, southern Oregon and northern California. This website is provided as a public service by Klamath County, Oregon, as a cooperative effort with these private, local, state, and federal agencies and non-governmental organizations (the "Participants"). Neither the Participants nor any other entity providing access to information through this web site, nor any of the Participant's employees, Consultants or Subcontractors, make any warranty, express or implied, including the fitness of the information for a particular purpose, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, usefulness of any information, product, or process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe on privately owned rights. The user of this application assumes all responsibility and risk for the use of the information for any decision made as a result of this information, available from this server and the Internet in general. The user alone is responsible for the application and interpretation of this information and is responsible for use consistent with an appropriate level of caution.

Demonstration Project

This is a DEMONSTRATION application initiated by Klamath County, Oregon, with the express purpose of applying and evaluating new and emerging technologies in an effort to share information pertaining to water supply, natural resource and social and economic issues associated with water and resources management in the Klamath Basin. The vision is a common base of information to guide discussion, debate and resolution of the complex economic, social, and resource management issues within the Basin. The development of this demonstration application is guided by a formal document which identifies various future tools and applications. Those interested in participating may contact the Klamath County Public Works Department (lhickey @ co.klamath.or.us).


The user formally acknowledges that this is a DEMONSTRATION application and acknowledges and accepts the Disclaimer of Liability upon entering or using components of this application.

Klamath Basin DSS


During early conceptualization of the Klamath Basin DSS, the County Board of Commissioners instructed county staff to assemble a group of individuals with a broad range of interests, to assist with guiding the development process. The group coined the "Advisory Committee" (AC) met on several occasions to provide input during the development process. The County Board of Commissioners extends their thanks to those participating on the AC. Members of the AC include:

Mr. Bruce Fitchman Klamath County IT
Mr. Dennis Nelson Klamath County Public Works
Mr. Don Ringgold Klamath County Assessor
Mr. Randy Paul Klamath County IT
Mr. Sidney Mitchell Klamath County Community Development
Mr. Stan Strickland Klamath County Public Works
Mr. Les Wilson Klamath County Planning
Mr. T.J Woodley Klamath County Conservation District
Mr. Hollie Cannon Klamath Water and Power Authority
Mr. Eric Nobel City of Klamath Falls
Mr. Brett Johnson JWTR
Mr. Vern Church (deceased) Oregon Water Resources Department
Mr. Craig Beinz Nature Conservancy
Ms. Ginny Monroe Klamath Watershed Partnership
Mr. Willie Riggs Oregon State Extension Office
Mr. Dan Keppen Dan Keppen and Associates, Inc.
Mr. Greg Addington Klamath Water Users Association
Mr. John Ritter Oregon Institute of Technology
Ms. Evelyn Conrad U.S. Department of Agriculture
Mr. Mark Buettner U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Mr. Ron Larson U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Ms. Betty Jo Brush U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Mr. Stewart Cook U.S. Forest Service
Ms. Amy Gowan U.S. Forest Service
Ms. Michelle Jones U.S. Forest Service
Mr. Mike Neuman Bureau of Reclamation
Mr. Mark Deutschman Houston Engineering, Inc.
Mr. Brian Fischer Houston Engineering, Inc.
Additional individuals providing assistance include:
Mr. Craig Beinz Nature Conservancy
Mr. Hollie Cannon Klamath Water and Power Authority
Ms. Michelle Barry Klamath Basin Restoration Association
Ms. Sue Mattenberger US Fish and Wildlife
Ms. Ann Mahoney Oregon Department of Forestry
Ms Anita Ward Natural Resources Advisory Committee Member
Mr. Neil Anderson U.S. Forest Service
Several County staff have also been instrumental to the development of this DSS, including:
Ms. Lani HickeyKlamath County Public Works
Mr. Stan Strickland Klamath County Public Works
Mr. Randy Paul Klamath County IT
Mr. Bruce Fichtman Klamath County IT

The collaborators for the development of the Klamath County DSS include the contractors selected to develop the site, Houston Engineering, Inc. and Dan Keppen and Associates. Many thanks to those that provided information for use on the Klamath Basin DSS, especially those within the Bureau of Reclamation, the U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Reclamation, the Bureau of Land Management and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.